Richmond Area Waste Disposal

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How do I get rid of …

Grass Clippings:
The City of Richmond does NOT pick up grass clippings. This material must be taken to the Residential Resource Recovery Area at the New Paris Pike Landfill for disposal. There is no charge. Yard waste: Call 983-7450 to schedule a Special Pick-Up of up to six (6) bags or cans of yard waste. The bags should be no larger than 30-gallons. There is no charge. (By Ordinance, “Yard Waste” is defined as: “Tree limbs, leaves, garden waste, weeds, flowers, vegetables, straw, hay or similar material.”) Grass clippings or sod are not accepted as yard waste.

Tree limbs:
Call 983-7450 to arrange for a Special Pick-Up of up to six (6) bundles of limbs. The bundles must be no longer than 4 feet in length and no larger than 2 inches in diameter. There is no charge. If you do have too many tree limbs and brush, call 983-7450 to have a $6-10 roll off dumpster brought to your home.

Mattress/Box Springs:
Call 983-7450 to schedule a Special Pick-Up. There is no charge.

Large Appliances:
(Including stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, TVs, etc.)
Call 983-7450 to schedule a Special Pick-Up. There is no charge.

NO SPECIAL PICK-UPS. Tires my be taken to the New Paris Pike Landfill. The cost is Car Tires ($5.00) per tire, Truck Tires ($15.00) per tire, and Tractor Tires ($30.00) per tire, and any other tires on rims are an additional ($5.00) charge per tire, this is subject to change. Tires may be taken to the Recycling Center 630 South “M” St. 765-966-8295 or Rumpke 275 Fort Wayne Ave. Richmond 765-935-0559.


Hazardous chemicals/materials
The Household Hazardous Waste Program was developed and implemented to provide a service for those residents of Richmond and also protect the environment. This program protects our drinking water, our waste- water treatment plant and our community. It also saves space in our landfill and assures that hazardous household wastes are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner at no cost to the residents.

Most household chemicals are accepted by the Richmond Sanitary District for disposal. Common hazardous items accepted are: paints, household solvents, motor oil, car batteries, bug and weed killers etc.

The Household Hazardous Waste Program is located at the New Paris Pike Landfill, 5232 New Paris Pike, Richmond, Indiana. At this time, there are no special pick-ups for household hazardous waste items. These items must be dropped off at the program location. The drop off hours are from 7:30am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday and from 8:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays. The landfill is closed on Sundays and holidays.

When dropping off items, depending on the time, go directly to either the scale house or the maintenance garage. From there you will be directed to the Household Hazardous Waste Building to drop off your items. There is no charge to our customers to use this service and no appointment is needed.

This program is restricted to the Richmond Sanitary District customers only. This is a service provided to Households ONLY. No waste will be accepted from any businesses, organizations or from anyone who resides outside of the Richmond  Sanitary District.